A step back in time

DAVIS House, Irvinebank

The corrugated iron house on the right is where John and Catherine lived in the early 1900s

Jack, the second child, was born in Irvinebank in 1907, and Phoebe, the last child, was born in Irvinebank in 1917.

The first panoramic view looks at the paved area with the verandah on the left
It is a small house and there is no sign of any taps and the lighting was probably installed by a local handyman sometime after the DAVIS family lived here.
Electric light was installed in the Loudoun mill in 1900 but electricity was only made available to Atherton in 1935 from the hydro-electric scheme at Barron Falls.

It is supposed that the small open room at the back of the house was either a toilet or bath area.
There is no evidence to suggest either.
It would have been a bit warm in this house during the summer.

This is the view from the other end of the house.

This is the smallest room in the house.

The verandah is a bit of a mess, as is most of the house.

The verandah in the foreground and looking into one room of the house.

The cooking area or stove is behind this door.

Looking away from the stove.

The cooking facilities are the barest minimum.