Explanation of some of the features for trees on this web site

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There are three different types of trees to be seen on this web site.

Ancestor trees

Descendent trees

Family trees

Each tree is made up of several 'nodes', one for each person. The exception is on descendent trees where a person who has more than one spouse, and in this instance you will see a different 'node' for that person combined with each spouse vertically down the page in order for each marriage. In this case, each node for the primary person has the same information, except the first instance, which may have tree links attached to it.


Each node has the following parts.

The main box -

This highlights the person's name, which takes the form of their first name and surname only and is a link to the person page where you will find all of the information that I currently have for this person.

These boxes come in three colours, pink and blue for girls and boys, and white, for those people, whose information are not published, but are included on the tree for completeness of the family. White boxes are also used for parents for whom we only know of one child and as a result we don't have individual entries in the database for them.

Tree 1.

There are also brighter shades of pink and blue. If a person appearing on a tree (other than the first person at the top of the tree) has a tree generated for them, the box will have a thicker border and the background colour will be a brighter shade of either pink or blue. When the user passes the cursor over the name, it will not reveal any other information as the other boxes do and when you click this name it will take you to the tree for this person instead of the information page for this person.

In the example above (Tree 1.) you will see that a tree has been generated for James WAKEFIELD. For parents of the spouse, as in this example, I only print the first initial and the surname (because of space restrictions). When you move the cursor over that node, the address that it links to should show in your browser as - gdavis.id.au/family/trees/d07605.htm - and if you click on the name in that node, your browser will display that tree, and in this case, James WAKEFIELD will be the person at the top of the tree (Tree 2.). Because his wife Hannah SANIGER is the only known child of John JENNIGER & Lydia -----, her parents appear in a white box, and as such, there is no other information available for them.

Tree 2.

The name of the person -

For those nodes where the full first name is used, when you move the mouse over the name of the person, a little more information is revealed. It will show the person's full name and if they have either died or were born more than 75 years ago, their date of birth and or date of death will also be shown. An exception to this behaviour is those boxes, which are coloured white. These are not linked to any other place on the web site and no further information is available for the person named in that node.

Relationship links -

The relationship links are those lines, which run between the nodes. The first relationship is that of parent and child. The first born child always sits to the right of the spouse and their siblings are listed in order of birth vertically below the first child. On the descendent tree, each vertical group of people is another generation in the family and working from left to right there may be up to six generations. Each group of siblings in a column are also first cousins to each other.

Tree links -

Tree links are the small white boxes, which are present along the lower edge of the person box or node. If the viewer moves the mouse over each one, you will see which other trees also include that particular person. By clicking the link you will be taken to another tree where that person will be the focus. The person in focus should appear at the top of the page in your browser, except if that person of interest is too close to the bottom of the page.

There are three types of tree links. Starting from the left, the first, if it is active, is to a pedigree tree (with the letter 'A' in the link), which is focused on the person in the box above the link. The second link, again if it is active (with the letter 'F' in the link), is to a family tree, showing that person within the one family. The other four links are all to different descendent trees and all have the letter 'D' in the link. The last link of the three links on the left (for a descendant tree) will be for an ancestor in the direct line for this family, whereas, the three descendant links on the right side of the box are for other families that this person belongs to by marriage.

Spelling of Names

The spelling of names has always been a problem for genealogists and not long after I started doing my family research I adopted the following rule on this subject.

I use the name as it was spelt in the Queensland Government published BDM Index. I make no distinction or judgement about the spelling of the name, whether it is considered to be correct or not. If people use the spelling as seen on this web site when searching the Qld. BDM Index, they should find the person concerned. If someone writes to me with a compelling reason (and with proof of the claim), as to why the name should be spelt differently, I will consider changing it and then including a note (attributed to the author of the change), explaining why it was changed and what the original spelling of the name was. The user should always be aware that other people can and will spell names differently and that what one person claims as being the correct spelling isn't necessarily true for others.

Because of limitations of space, the names that appear in the boxes are first name and surname only. If you move the cursor over a box and that person has other Christian names, they will be revealed along with their birth and death dates if known.

I hope you have found some information here that is of some value to you and I wish you the best of luck in your research. You are welcome to have a look at my Home Page where you will find links to all of the people in my extended family and to other groups of unrelated people, or you can visit my Genealogy Blog where you will find postings about random items of genealogical interest and more links to other genealogy related sites.

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