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When I started doing genealogy in early 1998, I had no idea where to start or how to go about finding information. The only thing I was told was to go to the library and see what I could find. Following this good advice, I find myself at the National library in Canberra with a blank pad and pencil, where I'm directed to a drawer that contains micro fiche with Queensland birth, death and marriage indexes.

Thinking that this would be easy, I start at the earliest fiche where I find a few entries with my surname and my mother's maiden name. So I write them all down. On to the next series. A slightly larger number of entries and I write them all down. After a whole day of this, I have accumulated a number of pages of information, which presents me with two problems, who are all these people I have written down and how do I keep track of them.

I thought keeping track of them would be easy. I have a background in computers and writing software, so I'll write my own program. Yeah, I know, I'm a novice and I have no idea what I'm doing, but I love a challenge. I'm still writing new functions for it and tweaking the old bits and I use it to collect, collate and disseminate the information, including generating this web site.

After I met some other genealogists I was given some basic pointers on how to go about solving the first problem, who were all these people. The most basic clue, was start with yourself and work backwards. I obtained several certificates for my self, my parents and grand parents. Now I had some idea of which people I had written down on that first day belonged to the family and those that didn't.

It cost me some time, effort and a little money to gather that initial information and I am a hoarder and I couldn't see any good reason for simply throwing the unrelated information away. So I have kept all of it and as my research has progressed, I have gathered other information along the way about some of those surnames, which have since turned out to be unrelated also, and they all end up in the unrelated group.

My reason for publishing the unrelated group on the web site, is so that other researchers might find it and see some value in it for their own research, or be able to tell me how they are in fact related to my tree. Because of the nature of the unrelated group, I am not actively researching any of the people in this group and the information published here is usually the most up to-date information that I have on these people. All of the information in this group comes from publicly available sources and none of it has been verified in any way.

I am always interested in hearing from any reader who would like to add or correct any information on this group of people. This group of people isn't updated as regularly as my related people are and for those who send their name with corrections or additions I will acknowledge them.

When I started doing genealogy at the age of 49 I didn't even know the names of my grand parents (there is an explanation on the home page), but it is a wonderful feeling to find out about my own family history and it is a pleasure to help other people find out about their family. People who write using the links I have created on the web site with as many details that they have about the people concerned will always get a reply. Initially, you will get an automatic email reply, letting you know that your email has been received and then, after I have had a look at the people you are inquiring about and refreshed the research on those people, I will write with the most recent information that I have. Keep in mind though that I am not actively researching any of the people in this unrelated group.

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I hope you have found some information here that is of some value to you and I wish you the best of luck in your research. You are welcome to have a look at my Home Page where you will find links to all of the people in my extended family and to other groups of unrelated people, or you can visit my Genealogy Blog where you will find postings about random items of genealogical interest and more links to other genealogy related sites.

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