(00031) family for Catherine Florence SMITH

John Edwin William DAVIS m. 21-Sep-1904 Catherine Florence SMITH

  1. Horace George m. 01-Jul-1935 Eda Marea Coraline WENNERSTEN
  2. Jack
  3. Leslie Oswald m. 29-Aug-1931 Celia Ernestine LOVE
  4. Leal Marion Eliza m. 05-Nov-1935 Harold Claude FRANKLIN
    and George Hunter COLLINSON
  5. John Alfred m. 25-Mar-1939 Mary Louisa Catherine (Dot) McDOUGALL
  6. Pheobe and Geoffrey Alfred Atherton GRIFFITHS (divorced)
    and Thomas Basil PASSMORE

3. Leslie was enrolled at Irvinebank School Tuesday, 20 April 1915 aged 5 years

4. Leal was 5 years and 1 month old when she was first enroled at the Irvinebank State School on Monday, 17 September 1917.
Leal was living at 73 Palmer Street in Townsville when she married Harold Claude FRANKLIN. The witnesses to the marriage were Mabel Delmar SPONZA (nee FRANKLIN) Harold's sister and Francis Joseph SPONZA. Leal also shares her birthday with her father.

5. John lived at 163 Grafton St Cairns about 1936 to 1939 and then from 1941 to 1943 with Mary Louisa at 59 Mulgrave Rd. This is the first time that Mary is recorded on the electoral roll. The witnesses to the marriage were John`s sister Phoebe and Gilbert Lang Herries.
John was enlisted in the army Wednesday, 31 December 1941 in Cairns and was discharged Saturday, 4 December 1943 with the rank of craftsman. His service number was QX15971.

6. Geoffrey and Pheobe are recorded as living at 45 Chapman Street in the suburb of Mysterton in Townsville in 1949.

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