(00060) family for Mary Ann JOHNSTON

  1. Mabel

George Frederick BAXTER m. 30-Aug-1879 Mary Ann JOHNSTON

  1. Emily Laura m. 01-Jul-1899 Walter Edward Ernest McDOUGALL
  2. Mary Louisa
  3. Charles Arthur

The Baxters lived at Paddy's Lagoon, Donor's Hill circa 1900 to 1916. They ran hotels and or inns. Walter, her husband, was a mailman. Emily was living at Albion Hotel in Normanton circa 1930 to 1943 where she was described as a licensed victualler. She lived at 153 Lake Street Cairns in 1950.

63 years, 9 months and 9 days after Emily died, her grand son, Greg DAVIS, visited and photographed the grave in Charter`s Towers Cemetery

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