(00064) family for Esther HENDLE

Daniel John McDOUGALL m. 06-Mar-1860 Esther HENDLE

  1. Frances Jane m. 15-May-1890 Henry Alfred FIELD
  2. William James m. 29-Sep-1887 Sophia RADFORD
  3. Daniel John m. 09-Apr-1906 Ellen Mary RICHARDSON
  4. Walter Edward Ernest m. 01-Jul-1899 Emily Laura BAXTER
  5. Alfred George Hubert m. 21-Feb-1898 Sarah Jane MASON
  6. Herbert Joseph m. 26-Dec-1898 Mary Maude LESLIE
  7. Henry Robert m. 11-Jan-1899 Sophia Hurford SAINT
  8. Esther Rebecca m. 01-Jun-1910 John Alfred MURPHY
  9. Albert Malcolm

2. William and Sophia were married in the residence of the officiating minister who lived in Arthur Street in Fortitude Valley. The witnesses were Sophia`s parents.

4. Walter was born in Constance Street, Fortitude Valley Brisbane on the 24th of August 1868. The doctor in attendance was Dr. Hancock and Mrs. Rebecca Howe was the nurse in attendance and the friend who was the informant to the registrar. He was baptized Walter Edward Ernest by James Matthews, minister of the Church of England on the 1st of November 1868 at Brisbane. Sid Davis relates a story about how his mother`s father was living under the house in Cairns and that eventually he was taken to Charters Towers by his father but he is unsure when this happened; although it may be supposed that it was in 1951 or about the time his wife Emily Laura died. A story that did the rounds was that Walter had another family. It has never been established that he did have another "family" but he did father a child named %Mabel Lillian McDougall%p00054.htm#04925%% whose mother was Elizabeth 'Bessy' RAMSAY.

It was 62 years and 19 days after Walter died when the author photographed the grave

Second marriage:

William Henry PEIRCE m. 12-Jul-1884 Esther HENDLE
There were no issue of this union

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